Swimming Pool Renovation Choices Explained

Allow us to explain a little about the interior surface choices available for swimming pool renovations. Hi-Tech Pools offers all choices of pool surfaces available rather than assume you want the less expensive choice.

The most common choice is a standard exposed aggregate. The brand names of these products are Florida Stucco, Florida Gem, Pre-Mix Marbletite, Diamond Brite. These aggregates are exposed with a steel trowel and then a brush and acid clean. This type of surface has a 10-year material warranty for residential applications and a 5-year warranty for commercial applications. This is a great renovation surface and is widely acceptable. It is compromised from silica sand and white portland cement. Color quartz (3M) is added for strength and color.

Hi-Tech Pools & Pavers offers Pebble surfaces, the brand names in the industry are: Wet-Edge technology, Pebbletec, River Rock, Sun Stone and Stone Scapes. Wet-Edge is our product of choice for our Pebble line. This line has colors mixed with glass (prizm matrix), large pebble mixes (serenity stone), pebble mixtures and polished pebble. This product comes with a 15-year material and labor warranty.The installation of a pebble product is different than that of an exposed aggregate. It is sprayed and compacted twice during the installation. The key advantage to the pebble installation is a 3-5% of cement on the surface as opposed to the 20% cement of standard exposed aggregates. The cement is porous and can take on unwanted colors and stains. The pebble installation with its very low cement makeup does not pickup aging and stains.

These are some of the choices we do not offer and why. We do not install a color background interior exposed aggregate finish. These are contractor grade die lots and are not color fast no matter what the sales guy tells you. If you want a color pool interior go with a high quality pebble like Wet-Edge. The die is color fast and because of the very low cement percentage they do not streak. Cheaper pebble interior are typically installed by crews that brush wash and do not compact. They also have cheap die that will streak and fade. We do not install marcite in our area although marcite is still the biggest seller in the United States it is not so in Florida. In the early 80’s asbestos removal from marcite greatly weakened the product.

Please do not hesitate to email or call us for questions. We have been in the pool renovation business for 25 years.

Mike Terrell

President, Hi-Tech Pools & Pavers

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